Beerfordbury Wassail 2011

Beerfordbury Barrel Tappers and Wine Tipplers Association

All proceeds go to our selected charities. We pay our own expenses.

This year we have suffered a string of incapacities - so our ability to turn out a decent crew on many nights means that we'll be running light - and may only manage three tours. (Come to think of it we've never had a crew with a really high level of decency anyway)

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Beerfordbury Barrel-Tappers Wassail Crew
William X Suggers
Acting Deputy Assistant Convener (Temp)


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TOUR (fairly provisional)

8 December 8:30pm - British Legion, Windhill  
Wassail Warm-up & Singers Night Party at the British Legion
9 December 7:30 pm - Ware Priory TBA PJ in Ware - great fun!
15 December 7:30 pm - Cheersie's Cheersie's
Clavering and the Old A11
17 December 7:30 pm - Hil & Mac's Andy's house


Takeley, via Hallingbury, Sheering & The Hatfields
21 December 2:00 for 2:20  
We were immensely proud to wassail Linz's wedding - a first for the crew and we wish Aaron & Linz health, happiness and all the luck in the world.
Lovely venue - great guests. Excellent Craic!
22 December 7:30pm - at Suggers Mansions     Harlow North
      A proper traditional Wassail is planned for Saturday 14th January 6.30pm – 8pm in Rivers Orchard - same as past years. Tatters 'ats & stuff very welcome!  

The BBTWTA is a wholly voluntary group dedicated to the practice of tradition.
Fees for mumming generally go to support the Stortfolk Music Club and/or Pegleg Unicorn and/or HITE.
Proceeds from the Wassail (except free beer) always go to charity with no deductions for kit or refreshment.

Contacts - Geoff & Jacqui (01279) 724224 or Mac & Hil (01279) 656664

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In accordance with Deficit Reduction plans, Wassails have been cut by 33% to save gas.
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