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EGON TOASTE's Wassailled Hostelries Guide


Our Heartfelt Thanks to the publicans & landladies who let us come in and the punters who delved into their purses for coin.

2008  Egon Toaste and Arthur Boutfayse; Photos 2003 - 2008 by GeeJay Grafix except as noted - all rights reserved

TOUR (& Rough Location)


Notes *
NB: This is NOT a critical review. See below.
Harlow North Friday 12th December 2008 180 & a few pence In The Hat, by a small but intrepid wassail crew.
High Wych Rising Sun
Refurbed since or snap was taken (just after Sid passed on) - ale still of legendary quality.
Gilston Moorhen

Temp pic. not Geejay
Greene King formula steakhouse - very good place for a family feast.
  Dusty Miller
Lovely trad boozer - natives very friendly.
Eastwick Lion
Sometime home turf of the String Band & well worth a trip.
Stanstead Abbotts Red Lion
Scene of the New Year Sing. Splendid place.
  Lord Louis
Lively local - good craic
  Jolly Fishermen
.. wherein we saw a Little Devil.

Food & cheer very evident.

Gt Amwell Wagon & Horses

Temp pic. not Geejay
Well it's open - great refurb. Look for the live lobsters in the seafood cabinet. On our list to try out!
Formal pic appears here when we take it !!
  George IV
The logical last stop, Adnams sold.

The Ash Vale

Saturday December 13th 2008

316.80 In The Hat

Wareside White Horse
Widford Green Man
Hadham Cross Crown
Much Hadham Bull
Wellpond Gren Kick n' Dickey
Lt Hadham Nags Head
Albury Catherine Wheel
Manuden Mystery Tour Thursday December 18th 2008 156.76 in the hat
  Server change & clever stuff by Suggers resulted in the following guides being erased & lost! See 2007 or 2009 (when its up) for a better version.  
 Oak and Heath Friday December 19th 2008 264.90 in the hat


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* Notes

All our comments are good -. If you want a crit, go see CAMRA or the Good Food Guide. If people are good enough to let us in to sing & collect, that says something about them already. All the pubs have an individual character and it's up to you, the hopeful traveller, to go and see if you like their style. All we offer is a hint or two.

Those who refuse because they don't like the look of us are noted for this year only and will not generally ever be asked again. We're not offended. It's the licencee's right to control visitors and assess the annoyance we might cause to their patrons. We do not go where we're not wanted! From experience, specialist restaurants and big drinking-halls with club-type dance sound are not set up for a wassail and if it doesn't look like a pub, we don't try.

Those who refuse because the lkandlord's absent or there's a live gig or an important match in progress will often be re-visited. When in a pub, we will very happily shut up if customers ask us to (as we did when the gents on the Sheering Tour told Suggers to turn it down because they were trying to have a serious conversation at the bar) - you just have to ask.