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EGON TOASTE's Wassailled Hostelries Guide


Notes & tours from 2009 - this will change as we plan 2010 and again as we tour about. Just because it's listsed does not mean we'll go - and vice versa, depending on weather and crew. Pretty much the same as the railways, really .... "frozen points .. awaiting crew member ... broken down wassailer at Harlow Mill" .. etc

2010  Egon Toaste and Arthur Boutfayse; Photos 2003 - 2009 by GeeJay Grafix except as noted - all rights reserved

TOUR (& Rough Location)

Tour & SIGN of the HOUSE

Notes *
NB: This is NOT a critical review. See below.
 Oak and Heath   403 in the hat


Landlord's valediction ! A welcoming hostelry, always a pleasure.


Very freindly, as ever. Good beer and good food.
Hatfield Heath

White Hart

Exceeding jolly - actually got paid to cease & desist in the public bar ;-) - lots of lively diners ...


Stayed for a wet - much needed! ... and great craic

Zafrani Indian Restarurant

A Jolly Fine Bunch and very welcoming - could have stayed for a Jalfraizi with very little persuasion.
Broad Oak


A Venerable House, beer still as good as ever ... steaks cut to order

Dukes Head

Great for a dinner or a feast - good for family outings.
White Roothing

Black Horse

New to the Wassailers, but won't be the last!


Great company - warm & friendly
Takeley Four Ashes

Landlord's valediction !

A rather fine finish ...

Sawbridgeworth Saturday 11th December 2010

£248 in the hat



Afternoon delights a specialty - great for lunch.

Three Horseshoes

Splendid company - full of revelling diners and big smiles

Hand & Crown

Landlords Valediction - always extremely jolly and very friendly. Lovely old pub, lovely grub ...

Old Bell

Jams every other Monday and plenty of live music other times. Damned good company.

King William IV

Good company - what more can we say? Sawbo City has to be a regional best for a pub crawl.

Queens Head

Heaving - great bunch of locals with spirit. And a fine range of ales.

George IV

Great place for a quiet pint - best McMullens anywhere on the planet.

Good Intent

Full to the gills - so only a brief stop, but friendly nonetheless.

The Gate

Rather fine home-brewed ales .. Dragons Breath exceptionally good. Reputation as the pub for real ale stands unchallenged.

White Lion

Has changed a little over the past year or two, less electric music so quiet enough to sing in. Open Mike every other Sunday night, run by the hirsute and legendary Mike Grace. Suggers can recommend lunch after a very convivial session with the Aussies ....
Manuden Mystery Tour Thursday 16 December 2010 170 in the hat
World-famous. First-class reputation, very well-deserved, for superb cooking.
Three Willows
Great local, friendly and well worth a visit if you're flying from Stansted!
Stortford Mountbatten Indian Restaurant  

Kings Arms.

Warm & welcoming

Queens Head

Landlady's valediction - lovely company
  The Bombay Butler  
Harlow North Friday 17th December 2010 £185 in the hat
High Wych Rising Sun
Only pub left in High Wych - fine tradition of excellent ale-keeping (which we just had to sample). Splerndid chap at the bar bought us a round.
Gilston Moorhen

Temp pic. not Geejay
Greene King flagship diner, full of happy Christmas Diners.
  Dusty Miller
Very jolly indeed - a pleasure to sing in.
Eastwick Lion
Another excellent pub - live acoustic music from time to time with the Favourite String Band and others.


The Crown, Hunsdon

Lovely village local. Great pint.
Stanstead Abbotts Red Lion

Scene of the New Year Sing. From Noon-ish.

A really happy clientele. Landlord's valediction!

  Jolly Fishermen
Great riverside hostelry, good for meals and parties.
Ware The Angel
A fitting last call - Company valediction, remakably friendly.
  TOURS YET TO DO - We planned to go but there's no business with snow business! Next year awaits ......  

The Ash Vale

Saturday 19th December 2010

In The Hat

Albury Catherine Wheel
Wellpond Gren Kick n' Dickey
Lt Hadham Nags Head
Much Hadham Bull
Hadham Cross Crown
Widford Green Man
Wareside White Horse


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* Notes

All our comments are good -. If you want a crit, go see CAMRA or the Good Food Guide. If people are good enough to let us in to sing & collect, that says something about them already. All the pubs have an individual character and it's up to you, the hopeful traveller, to go and see if you like their style. All we offer is a hint or two.

Landlords - if you don't like the look of us, we aren't going to argue if you turn us away. It's the licencee's right to control visitors and assess the annoyance we might cause their patrons and we recognise that.
We do not go where we're not wanted, nor will we add to the annoyance by asking again next year, unless we become aware of a change in management.

We're not easily offended.
(however the emotional damage cause by callous rejection of our finely-honed choral skills sometimes takes months* to overcome)
(*or even minutes)

From experience, specialist restaurants and big drinking-halls with club-type dance sound are not set up for a wassail and if it doesn't look like the sort of pub we could do, we don't try. See above for the sorts of pub we like, and vice-versa.
Those who refuse because the landlord's absent or there's a live gig or an important match in progress will often be re-visited.
When in a pub, we will very happily shut up if customers want us to - you just have to ask. Occasionally, we get paid to shut up - we're kind of happy with that, more drinking time & less vocal strain!