Beerfordbury Bugle Wassail 2001

Beerfordbury Barrel Tappers and Wine Tipplers Association


"purveyors of superior quality Folk and silliness to the Gentry and the populace"



TO THE PUB REGULARS who suffered the din and dug into your pockets - thank you. Our charities this year are important to us and will appreciate your support.

TO THE LANDLORDS who let us come in (and especially those who fed & watered us) - thank you. You have done a bit of good for charity and you have helped more than you think possible to keep a little bit of good old English Tradition alive.

To THE CREW - you were AMAZING. But then you knew that all along.

and SORRY - to those few pubs on the regular list that didn't get a call this year - we promise to sing faster, drink faster and run faster in 2003. As we're basically knackered old farts, that won't be easy, but we'll try ...

In the meantime HAVE A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and may 2003 bring you health wealth and peace

All Hail!


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The Crew for the 2003 Sawbridgeworth Walking Tour

The Crew visit Rivers nursery, 4th Jan 2003





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Funds Raised - Notes - Apologies


13th December

[12 up]

224.28 in the hat, plus 40 for Myatonic Dystrophy, plus €3. Apologies to The Cock, Henham, missed due to Suggers foul sense of direction & a burst tyre.

Old A11 - Birchanger to Newport & Elsenham

14th December

[9 up]

195.51 (and a thing with an 'ole in it) in the hat

The Pelhams
Manuden to Albury

19th December


165.76 in the hat. Apologies to punters at The Green Man, where singing was so naff Suggers gave a refund to their charity box.

Ash Vale
Wellpond Green to Wareside

20th December

[13 up]

337.71 in the Hat. Jacqs retired hurt at half time. Wild Rover done - thanks to very generous rich man in The Cock.

Hallingbury, Hatfield Heath, Hatfield Broad Oak & Sheering

21st December

[15 up]

282.80 in the hat - apologies to the young chaps in the Willy for Theos's philosophy lesson, also from God for the weather and to the Bull, whom we missed! Special thanks are due to Michael the photographer and June, our groupie, for their attentions. Sawbridgeworth & High Wych -
1st January Buntingford Crown (unofficial) Wassails will be sung from 11:45am
4th January   EXTRA ! Meet at Brook End, 5:30 Rivers Orchard Sawbridgeworth


Interesting link to wassailling world-wide  (yea, even unto Coventry)

WORDS: - -- MP3s - recorded at rehearsal Dec 2000. Should give you a very rough idea of what we do - but have a lot of rough edges (as you'd expect from a rusty choir)







All proceeds (except free victuals) from the wassail go to charity. In 2002 we again supported MS & Lupus, dividing the 1,200 or so we raised equally between them. Thanks to Sally's participation, Dixons will generously match the MS portion of the proceeds. The collection from Birchanger Three Willows was presented separately to Janet who is passing it to a Myatonic Dystrophy charity, in memory of the late Andy Michinson, Wassailer and champion getter-in - sadly missed and fondly remembered



Multiple Sclerosis Soc. (UK)  





The BBTWTA is a wholly voluntary group dedicated to the practice of tradition. Fees for mumming generally go to support the Stortfolk Music Club and/or Pegleg Unicorn. Proceeds from the Wassail (except free beer) always go to charity with no deductions for kit or refreshment.


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2002 Geoff Leeds for StortFolk Music Club