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EGON TOASTE's Wassailled Hostelries Guide


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We went and did - yet again!

.. and thanks again to everyone who supported us. The demise of the Great British Pub is well reported but a tad previous - go to any of the houses below* and we guarantee a warm welcome, good beer and on occasion some rather excellent dining.
(*Charabanc parties excepted - and you'll have to join any Social Clubs first, but it's worth it!!)

2016  Hugh Yerlyke o/b/o BBTWTA.
TOUR (& Rough Location)

Tour & SIGN of the HOUSE

1855 raised in 2016

Notes *
See below.
Friday 9th
Oak & Heath 389 in the hat = a record!

Jolly Brewers, Stortford


  The George, Little Hallingbury



Landlord's valediction !

The Cock Hotel

 Very jolly
 Hatfield Heath

The White Horse

Hatfield Broad Oak

The Cock

 Jams on second Sunday of the month.

Dukes Head

Takeley                         The Lion & Lamb

                       Takeley Sports & Social Club

The Four Ashes

All Hail! a very kind landlady & a fitting finish .... Irish polkas & jigs courtesy of the little people!
Friday 17th
The Manuden Ramble
359 In The Hat - another Record!
Hazel End Three Horseshoes

Stansted Kings Arms

Queens Head

Dog & Duck

Stansted Club

Ugley Chequers

Rickling Green House party
Clavering Cricketers (twice!)

Fox & Hounds

Saturday17th Ash Vale Tour 288 in the hat
Catherine Wheel

Wareside White Horse (Honourable mention - closed for refurbishment but the new landlady very kindly allowed us to park)

Landlady's Valediction
Hunsdon Green Man

Much Hadham The Bull

Little Hadham
Nag's Head

Standon Star
Landlord's Valediction
Extras: U3A at Great Hadham Golf Club, The Hovel (Medieval Seige Soc) & Christmas parties to whom many many thanks, and to Tony & Karen for donating their gig fee.  Total overall 1855#

       Special thanks to the First Responders for touring with us.

2nd March
# Presentation on Thursday 2nd March - at the Folk Club night with Suntrap.


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* Notes

All our comments are good -. If you want a crit, go see CAMRA or the Good Food Guide. If people are good enough to let us in to sing & collect, that says something about them already. All the pubs have an individual character and it's up to you, the hopeful traveller, to go and see if you like their style. All we offer is a hint or two.

Landlords - if you don't like the look of us, we aren't going to argue if you turn us away.
It's the licencee's right to control visitors and assess the annoyance we might cause their patrons and we recognise that.
We do not go where we're not wanted, nor will we add to the annoyance by asking again next year, unless we become aware of a change in management (or management policy) or we're asked back.
We're not easily offended.
(however the emotional damage cause by callous rejection of our finely-honed choral skills sometimes takes months** to overcome)
(**or even minutes)

From experience, specialist restaurants and big drinking-halls with club-type dance sound are not set up for a wassail and if it doesn't look like the sort of pub we could do, we don't try. See above for the sorts of pub we like.
Those who refuse because the landlord's absent or there's a live gig / special party / important match in progress will often be re-visited next year.
When in a pub, we will very happily shut up if customers want us to - you just have to ask. Occasionally, we get paid to shut up - we're kind of happy with that, more drinking time & less vocal strain!
NB: Patrons are asked to refrain from setting tatters ablaze or pulling on them and crying "Ding Dong!". Both of which have happened.

HEALTH WARNING - FFS DO NOT attempt to cuddle our Andy - at least not if you're male and / or ugly and / or dunk as a skunk and happy as a fiddler's bitch ... he may look like a big ole brown bear. That's because he is a big ole brown bear. His usual diet is heavy on well-lubricated topers, eaten raw with a dash of tabasco sauce .....